Welcome to The Salty Wog: Where We Rhyme with “Faulty Blog”


Come on down!  (U.S. Navy photo)

Welcome aboard. Nice to make your acquaintance. I hope your time with the Wog will prove worthwhile, and likewise I should hope my own time here is well-spent. But, see, that’s the thing – for once in my life, I have that time.

This blog’s genesis is an overseas deployment. It is not entirely about that deployment, as many other things will be covered here, but it does provide a vehicle to keep people somewhat up to date on what’s going on. What I do day-to-day for the Navy is of little interest to a general audience (unless you’re fascinated by PowerPoint), but certainly observations about life in the Middle East will pop up now and then. What the deployment really provides, vis a vis blogging, is time. I am a watchstander on a rotating schedule with three other guys, which means I have liberty built into my week. The Woggettes are all back home, so there are no preschool runs or diapers to change (though, of course, I still dearly miss them). The net result is precious hours to write about my experiences here, about the Navy, about the Reserve, and anything else which seems appropriate.

But all things must end, including this mobilization. Thus content will include plenty of things aside from simple life on the ground in the CENTCOM AOR. It is those other topics – with, I expect, a focus on the ins-and-outs of the Navy Reserve – which will continue to provide fodder for posts at distant points in the hazy future.

Stay tuned.


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