Bahrain U.


The flag was put at half-staff when they realized it isn’t actually a college campus

If you get orders to Naval Support Activity Bahrain, what you may not realize is you’re basically going to be living and working on a college campus for the duration. Seriously.

It’s full of young people between the ages of 18 and 22, and a few older, wiser folks.

You’ve got a certain section of town divided from the rest, with its own police department and other services.

There are plenty of dorms. But most people live off campus off base.

People gather in a quad for public events.

They’ve got a nice gym.

You can find people playing ultimate frisbee.

The landscaping is impeccable.

There’s a big food court. And Basic Allowance for Subsistence is basically a meal plan.

The bike racks are always full.

Only a minority drives cars – partly because parking is terrible.

A library exists, but nobody knows where it is.

VIPs visit and hold events in an auditorium, which is also a nondenominational chapel.

It hosts plenty of international students coalition partners.

This was a thing that actually happened.

So, other than the fact we all dress the same, are better paid, and seize drugs instead of use them, it’s basically college.

And college is fun, right?


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