An Even More Unusual Moment

LEAVEAs the last returns came in – you know what about – I had the good fortune of being in the company of a Royal Navy officer. I don’t know his vote, nor does it matter at this point.  But it is rare to witness a world event concerning a faraway country with a member of that very country close at hand. And I was glad to do so on this occasion.

But as the country that more or less invented the modern concept of liberty, I am happy for the United Kingdom. It is unbecoming of the people who gave us the Magna Carta to live under the arbitrary rulemaking of bureaucrats in Flanders.

Oh, look at the pound…

Currency traders were first to the precipice

Currency traders were first to the precipice

Some kind of long process of extrication starts now. It will be painful for a great many reasons; no one says it won’t. But when this 1,000-page book is revised, the new revision will have a couple hundred pages more of very interesting material.

Either that, or none of this matters because



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