About the Salty Wog

To those unfamiliar with maritime lore, the term “wog” refers to anyone who is not a shellback. Clear enough, right? OK, a shellback is someone who has participated in the crossing-the-line ceremony at the equator. Wogs have not. I have sailed thousands of miles south of the equator and back north again, but due to circumstances beyond my control I wasn’t aboard for the southbound line-crossing festivities. Thus I still consider myself a wog… but an unusually salty one.

The Salty Wog’s intention is twofold: to shed some light for my civilian friends on what I’ve been up to for the past decade-plus, and for my shipmates, to help navigate the byzantine universe that is the Navy Reserve. Commentary on various subjects will generally connect back to the Navy or national security in some way. Other things will surely take place here, to include memes and bad puns.  You’ve been warned.


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