Reserve Life


Only a little bit true.

If you’re a member of the nation’s seventeenth line of defense, this is your page. Hopefully the information here surpasses anything Homer Simpson told you.

Back to Basics
A warfare community in trouble.

Head Call
Don’t believe the hype.

Every Sailor’s Nightmare
USS Fitzgerald at-sea collision.

Reserved Sense of Humor

Four More Years! Four More Years!
Career math.

Always check the fine print.

Sometimes it’s OK to leave things behind.

All that annual training eventually gets through.

It’s Been a While…
A brief update on life.

Reserve Retirement Update
They finally addressed Reservists.

And That Was That
Mobilization comes to an end.

Sometimes Text Is Unnecessary

An Ode to NavFit 98A
Some things never change. Literally.

Sanity strikes back.

That’s gonna leave a mark…

Drill, Baby, Drill
One weekend a month, or something.

The End Is Coming…
We’re a day closer than yesterday.

Big News Day
Do you know how special you are?

An Unusual Moment
My family runs up high dry-cleaning bills.

Bahrain U.
Where’s my letterman jacket?

Whereupon It’s Ramadan
And Sailors’ routines change a bit.

Djiiiiibouti, Djibouti, Oh Yeah, Djibouti Djibouti Djibouti Djibouti
Where the puns write themselves.

Haze Gray? Yay, They Say!
A few observations from a Reservist returning to sea after a hiatus.

Moored! Shift Colors!
A quick check-in after a last-minute seaborne errand.

Reserve Reasoning, Part II
The benefits pitch.

Reserve Reasoning, Part I
Career paths and reforms.

Reserve Judgement
A brief introduction to our maritime reserve force.