Strategic View

Sometimes you need a big board

Sometimes you need a big board

This page is a roundup of Salty Wog posts concerning the big picture – mostly, why navies exist and do what they do. If you’re a civilian, or worse, a soldier, this is the page for you!

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The Meiji Wars
Parts I-VII (thanks, graduate school…)

Tax Dollars at Work
Yours, specifically.

Freedom of Information
Not to be confused with freedom of the seas.

Highways of the Sea
Services with khaki uniforms.

Yemen: Your Future Case Study
Some people’s purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.

Room at the Top
The world is amazing but doesn’t feel like it.

A Tale of Two Services
Something about an aircraft carrier turning on a dime.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Context and Counting
Apples, oranges, and other numerical fruit.

Yemen – Still a Bad Place
Causing trouble again…

Units of Measurement
BOOM goes the demography.

Up and Atom
Nukes, conflict resolution, and Bart Simpson’s favorite superhero.

The New Year Is Upon Us, Part II
Know where you stand.

The New Year Is Upon Us, Part I
Russia is as Russia does.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Operational Factors but Were Afraid to Ask
Pretty much what the title says.

A Very Long Season
A brief return to my long-dormant sportswriting trade…

Pivot Your Expectations
Things continue to tank in the Western Pacific.

Yemen Roundup
Yemen: Still a terrible place to live.

The (Sort of) Short Version of Yemen’s Meltdown and Why It Matters
Sorry for the long post; I didn’t have time to write a shorter one.

Musing on Drill Weekend
Events and endorsements.

Sea Power and the Greatest of Traveling Wilburys
In which I appropriate Roy Orbison for my own purposes.

Barely Satire
To understand force structure, tell a joke.

The Age of Dispersion
Monty Python knew the importance of it.

Hope (?)
This time will be different, says every human ever.

Ahem, the Dutch Have Something to Say
The Hague has spoken on the South China Sea.

Ripple Effects
Doing worthwhile things takes time.

Long Memories
Memorial Day is a lucky day, for many reasons.

World Peace and Swedish Pop
It’s Sweden’s world; we just live in it.

Some Easier Math
Global defense spending; you know, easy.

“Math Is Hard” Is Not an Excuse
Human tragedy compounded by journalistic ineptitude.

A Continental Island
In which I second-guess George Washington.

The Domain of Professionals
Replenishment for Dummies.

The Nuclear Option
Carbon vs. Uranium: The Showdown.

The Timelessness of Geography
Continental drift is slow.

Unintentional Lessons from TV
All that time spent watching science fiction actually taught you something.

Presence and Postwar Peace
Navies don’t just blow stuff up.