The Conex Box


“Trust me, we’ll need it someday.”

Just like every ship has a storage container on the pier with all the random stuff they own and yet can’t fit aboard, this page has all the other posts that don’t necessarily go along with the others.

Noting those who went before.

Tales from the Front
You can’t make this stuff up.

WWI Movie Night: “The Lost Battalion”
So that’s where I left those hundreds of soldiers…

Valentine’s Day, Parts I-IX
Strategically placed love.

Mad Dog
PowerPoint Rangers everywhere quiver in fear.

Happy Birthday, Devil Dogs!
Errrrr… kill.

More History
One battle between the elephant and the whale.

Philadelphia – More than Rocky and Cheesesteaks
A historic seaport that is not on the sea.

History in Pigment
Old paintings of old ships.

The curmudgeon takes a coffee break.

The News in Limericks
No goats in this one.

Broadcast Notes
Local tastes in TV.

On Patriotism
Happy Fourth of July.

An Even More Unusual Moment
Every now and then we watch history happen.

My Candidate
Sometimes you’re left with no other options.

Book Review: The English and Their History
Only one country could produce both Thomas Cromwell AND the Rolling Stones.

Hail to the Chief (Petty Officer)
A happy birthday message.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Call Your Agent
Ancient cats with webbed feet.

The Tree of Life: The Not-Movie Version
A place, not a film.

An Intervention
The integrity of our language is at stake.

Movie Review in Six Lines: The Pentagon Wars
A classic film about bureaucracy.

Welcome to the Salty Wog
Where we rhyme with “faulty blog.”